Special Projects
Special projects are a great joy to us because we can interact with other like-minded Christians. We simply design a custom display based on your particular application and environment.  This process may take weeks or even months to complete depending on the scope and complexity.  Special projects are built to blend into the surrounding environment by matching colors, brick patterns, etc...  From simple crosses and custom Ten Commandment displays to very large and elaborate monuments, every project receives the same attention to detail.  In certain applications, the backs of the tablets can be used for the Beatitudes or scripture verse area.  As a ministry, we look forward to placing large displays next to highways and busy streets for all to see God's truth and love.   Our displays can be built from various materials based on your budget.  To start the process, text "large CPS Monument" to 404-491-3228.  Below are a few pictures of a special project completed in Minnesota.  The local pastor was very pleased with the outcome. To read his reference letter please click here

Project Scope:  Remove existing cross in sanctuary.  Replace with large scripture reference.  Add a large Ten Commandment Tablets on Left wall.  Add three wooden crosses and another scripture verse and a dove on the right wall.










  Every brush stroke, every hit with the hammer and chisel.  We go to great lengths to achieve "realism".  We look forward to discussing your project with you.


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