Welcome to CenterPeaceStone Ministries!  Inspired by II Chronicles 7:14, Project 7:14 is a global initiative for the body of Christ to unite by displaying the Ten Commandments, which publicly acknowledges the sovereignty, His love for humanity and the righteous judgment of God.  The backbone of this initiative is to enter into earnest prayer as a church, individual or family, for the nations of the world. II Chronicles 7:14 is the answerl. After 10 years of the Commandments ministry, we believe the Lord is moving us towards larger tablet displays that includes the finished work of the Cross which can be seen by many.  Please see our New Designs designed for this purpose. Granite, Cast Stone, Wood, Limestone, Brick and Marble tiles are just a few of your material choices. Our displays range from 2 feet to 26 feet tall. Choose from laser-etched, hand-chiseled and/or sand-blasted detail.




The Ten Commandments Commission
and CenterPeace Stone Ministries has partnered together in this global effort. God's foundational moral law expressed in Exodus 20 is the blueprint for a healthy society.  We are giving you the opportunity to make a unified expression of your faith, submission and commitment to God's holiness, which is represented in the Ten Commandments. 
The Ten Commandments Commission is a grass roots movement joined by some of the nations largest ministries and global leaders to promote the Ten Commandments and a united global stand for God.   Dr. Ron Wexler, an Israeli-born, Orthodox Jew, founded the commission in the spring of 2005.   The commission's philosophy states, "No civilized society or government can exist successfully without the recognition, acceptance, adherence and submission to Moral law and the standard for value judgment. Therefore, the principle of Freedom demands the protection of God's moral law."   The commission's challenge:  "As committed people of faith, we have an obligation to stand up together for God. His law is not only a profile of His character, but also a moral mirror to show humans where we have fallen short in both honoring the Creator, and in respecting our fellow man. Therefore, as we witness the degradation of society, we must come together in a spirit of unity, harmony, and reconciliation to bring the Word of God back to the forefront of our national conscience."

Volume Incentive on all Cast Resin Ten Commandments :
  We prefer to get your entire church involved and order in quanity and shipped to one location which will allow us to discount the product and shipping costs.   Text "CPS Volume" to 404-491-3228 to hear more about this program.
  Let your voice be heard in WASHINGTON DC:   CenterPeaceStone Ministries and The Ten Commandments Commission invites you to show your support by electronically signing a petition that gives God's people a strong unified voice to our government that will help shape our society.   Please visit the Ten Commandment Commission's website to learn more.       www.tencommandmentsday.com 


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